「まっかな嘘 / Blatant Lie」(2021年制作 39分)

漫画家ミユキは、自作漫画の主人公ピノ天&ピノ子と北鎌倉の古民家で暮らしいる。 "韓流ヲタク仲間"のピノ子とは、毎晩推しの俳優話で持ちきり。ある日、ミユキの家をドラマ撮影で使用したいと電話がはいる。渋々、承諾するミユキだったが 、、、。 一つの嘘にまつわる脱力系コメディー作品。

The manga artist, Miyuki lives in an old Japanese house in north Kamakura with her original manga main character, Pinoten and Pinoko. Every night, Miyuki and her anything Korean fanatic friend, Pinoko gets into a deep conversation about their favorite Korean actors. One day, they receive a call asking for permission to film couple of scenes for a TV drama. Miyuki reluctantly agrees, however ... It's a sarcastic and witty comedic story that spawned from a single lie.

出演 / Cast

渡邊 小百合 / Sayuri Watanabe

渡邊 卓 / Taku Watanabe

植原 好史 / Koshi Uehara

馬場 菜穂 / Naho Baba

and more...


Lift-Off Session(イギリス):コンペティション選出!


< In Rainbows >  15min. 2020 Short Film

<長年の悩み「虹色恐怖症」を克服する為に受診したセラピーで、主人公エリックは七色それぞれにまつわる〝嫌な記憶"を告白していくが。。> 全編英語による短編映画。

Eric has "Rainbowphobia" since he remembers and seeks an therapist for help. What will happen to Eric when he takes the rainbow colored powder as part of the therapy.


イタリア/Altrimondi Film Festival 公式選出 official selection

カナダ/Montreal Independent Film Festival 公式選出 official selection

インド/7th Art Independent International Film Festival アワードオブメリット受賞 
Award Of Merit

インド/CrownWoodInternationalFilmFestival 公式選出 official selection

インド/Reels International Film FestivalのExperimental film部門  2nd Award(銀賞)受賞

 愛妻の墓守 -GRAVE KEEPER of BELOVED WIFE- Engsub    6min. 2020 動画作品

<漫画オタクの義和は、大好きな漫画の最終巻を読むべきか否か困惑している 迷い続ける義和はそのままトリップしてしまう。。 果たして義和がそこで見たものとは、、?>


Yoshikazu, a manga otaku, is very confused because he can't read the final volume of his favorite manga. Because the expression of Yomogi Kurihara on the cover of the final volume was different from usual. For Yoshikazu, he's calling her his wife, reading or not the final volume is the ultimate choice. Yoshikazu is too worried and keeps getting lost. What happend with Yoshikazu to read this manga?

 Staysafe.     Engsub 8 min. 2020 動画作品

<「在宅防災アナウンサー」として、 毎日街に「外出自粛」を呼びかけている主人公・田島。 しかし、 そんな彼も生活の為に食料品の買い物へ出かけなければならない。 完全防備と高い予防意識でスーパーでの最短購入法をシミュレーションしたのち、家を出る田島だったが、、>


The circumstance with covid-19, A guy does disaster prevention announcer from his home. his name is Tajima. He has really high awareness of disaster prevention, but has to go to grocery shopping. he simulated really delicately before he goes but there were tons of people and so much of difficulties... Tajima tried to get over all those obstacles but......







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